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Man-Made Problems

In the short time it has been here, the human race has brought excessive and unjustifiable destruction on the planet, on its ecosystems and on its life forms. Despite remarkable achievements our record is disgraceful. We have long seen ourselves as separate from and superior to Nature. Consequently money, status and power have ruled, the vices dominating. Unsurprisingly we now face problems that threaten our existence, including:

  • Pollution and degradation of our air, water, land and all life forms
  • Over population (humans) and species extinction (non human)
  • Climate change – global warming
  • Destructive weather (anytime anywhere…)
  • Economic . financial and social extremism
  • Obesity, drug abuse and disease epidemics
  • Fragmented, trivialised and stressed societies

We have allowed the false gods of materialism, instant convenience and immediate gratification, to contaminate almost all corners of the planet.  Rampant consumerism is a more powerful force than any previous or current religion.
The underlying problem of the man-made world is that it is built on fear and human separateness. In practice, this problem has created false ideals of money, status (egotism) and power, thereby encouraging vices, not virtues.

A tiny minority of humans now largely control what happens in this modern world. Many are ruthless, immoral and extremely clever. Exploitation of consumers and the earth’s resources are the name of the game – regardless of consequences.

For this unscrupulous group to be effective, they require a largely compliant and confused population.  They also need a system of propaganda and a mass media that offers a maximum of spectacle and entertainment. 

Celebrity cultures have thus emerged, in which personality has replaced character. The virtues basic to good character, have been largely replaced by the vices e.g. rudeness, arrogance and egotism.

The man-made world - collapsing because it is built on these shifting sands - must now be rebuilt on the stable foundations of love and unity. This is the central message and priceless gift from wild Nature - that of belonging.

The Spirit of Adventure Foundation has been created to implement this message.

The Spirit of Adventure Foundation is a registered charity no. 1138110.