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Life & Pure Adventure

4 alaska solo 10 mgs expedition


Whatever your specific aims, common sense implies an underlying ideal:

maximum development of positive potential: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

(The spirit is the base of your values - every action you take depends on what you value).


In its broadest sense, to adventure is to experience anything new. In its narrow sense, adventure refers to exciting and often dangerous activities.


By this term I embrace the ideal of maximising all positive potential using a holistic and creative approach to each moment of our existence. This ideal reflects the ancient wisdom of trying to live 'in the now' with the utmost vitality. Such an approach is likely to bring a deep sense of well-being.

Pure Adventure is based on the following wisdoms,

  • Beneath your separate uniqueness you have a “unity” with Nature. In other words you are Nature. It is imprinted or encoded in your unconscious.

    • This means that you reject the conventional idea that man is separate from and superior to Nature. This latter concept has led directly to the disgraceful destructive record of mankind in the short space of time he has been on the planet.

  • Awareness of unity with Nature should lead to a sense of awe and wonder at your immense positive potential. It should also lead to a sense of humility rather than arrogance.

  • The likely truth of the wilderness message:

Everything in Nature is alive in its own way; is on its own adventure and deserves its own well-being.

Everything in Nature is no more and no less important than anything else.

We need to live with minimal destruction towards everything around us (using our common sense!).

  • The creative energy of universal love is the driving force of Nature. Because you are Nature, this implies trying to live a life of universal love. In other words try to live by all the virtues & wisdoms.

    • William James, philosopher, posed the challenge,

“The problem of man is to find a moral substitute for war”.

The answer has to be: Act according to conscience.

  • Living should include an unending search for the truth of 'Who am I?' 'Where am I going?' and 'How do I get there?'

    “The longest journey is the journey inwards.” Dag Hammarskjöld

  • The need to see success and failure as “twin impostors” (Rudyard Kipling). It is the journey or effort that matters, not the result. Consciously or unconsciously, that journey should be towards finding that unity with the experience.

  • Unity, in its elemental sense, is synonymous with Love - the most important word in any language.


This approach to adventure is destructive. The individual is dominated by their own self importance and personal achievement. This is the opposite of a Pure Adventure approach.

In the celebrity cultures in which we now live, egocentricity is rampant and corrupts every aspect of society. It thrives on the false idols of money, status and power, producing trademark characteristics of arrogance and unawareness. Extreme examples of individuals with this affliction have been described as having “titanic egos”. This phrase graphically illustrates a disastrous approach to life.

Egotism is both personal and public enemy number one - the psychological equivalent of cancer.


In the 1930s Professor A.N.Whitehead, philosophy lecturer at both Cambridge & Harvard, spoke of five characteristics common to any civilised society:

BEAUTY       ART       PEACE       TRUTH       ADVENTURE

The modern world is characterised more by ugliness than by beauty (as mirrored in art); more by war than by peace and more by dishonesty than by truth.

In terms of adventure, the traditional and dominant approach tends to be egocentric rather than ecocentric.

If this false approach continues, then the human race has at best an uncivilised future. At worst it faces extinction.

We need a Global People's Movement that embraces Pure Adventure

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