A Global People's Movement committed to changing the modern world so that it lives in harmony with Nature

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Reality Check

30 burnt orchid

“Surely we don’t need another charity?”
A great question. There are countless charities - local, national, global - all contributing to the common good - and not least those concerned with the natural world.


because the man-made world is largely controlled by an unscrupulous tiny minority committed to rampant consumerism, we need a global people’s movement to confront this corruption.

The Spirit of Adventure Foundation has been created to lead this peaceful revolution. Here are some reasons why:

  • It is holistic in approach - based on unity with, and love of, Nature.
  • It is driven by adventure and spirit, both vital aspects of being human.
  • It is based on universal values -the virtues and wisdoms.
  • It is open to everyone.
  • It can forge relationships with all groups and organisations concerned with Nature - from adventure activities to environmental concerns - eventually to speak with one voice.
  • It can build key links with all those concerned to make a better world.
  • It is based on integrity in practice not fragmentation.
  • It respects and celebrates achievement and individual uniqueness.
  • It is based on the belief that all humans have great potential in a positive sense - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • It is based on pure justice (The Wilderness Message).
  • The Foundation is created from reflections upon practical experiences, along with learning something of the wisdom of the ages.

Each of us, throughout our lives needs to choose between two very different worlds:


The following words reflect what is noble and worthwhile about being human:


The man-made world, in contrast to the natural world, in practice, is dominated by other words:




Please join us - we are a global expedition inspired by pure adventure, united by universal values, and committed to removing corruption.          


The Spirit of Adventure Foundation is a registered charity no. 1138110.