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The Way Forward

“Do the right thing”
“OK, but what does that mean?”

It means you try to do your best at all times
- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


“The spirit is the true self” Cicero

Even though it does not physically exist, it is a key wisdom that spirit is the most important aspect of being human.

Spirit is the home of your values.

What you value is of critical importance because every action you take is based on what you value.

In other words: “Try your best to live by all the virtues and wisdoms - throughout your life.’

In living this way, a deep sense of well-being is extremely likely.

Living in this manner can be adventurous, joyous and exciting to share.


It is normal to have feelings of unity with family, friends, pets and some possessions. The unity referred to here is profound and life changing - once experienced, a radical change of attitude is likely. You somehow know that you are not separate from your natural surroundings.
This unity is an ancient wisdom. Chuang Tzu (4BC)  :
“I & all things in the universe are one.”
And Meister Eckhart adds, “……and this is the deepest depth.”
Unusual  experiences that emphasise this message of unity generally occur when alone. They tend to happen unexpectedly, can happen at any age and in any location but especially in wild Nature.
We need to remember we are essentially natural. Unless we experience our essence (unity or oneness) we will neither develop our full potential nor find a deep sense of well-being.


In its broadest sense, to adventure is to experience anything new.
In its conventional sense adventure refers to exciting activities mostly taking place in wild Nature.

In its purest and holistic sense, it refers to taking on the longest journey - the one to the end of your life. This is the journey inwards, perhaps the most demanding adventure of all.

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