A Global People's Movement committed to changing the modern world so that it lives in harmony with Nature

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Join this global peoples movement because you are enthusiastic about its ideals and can see we need something global to tackle the man-made problems that are effecting almost everyone .

Encourage a friend to join

and then ask them to encourage others to do the same.

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Click here for the SOAF Charter for prospective affiliate groups and organisations.

Apply the virtues and wisdoms to the detail of your life - continuously

There is often a huge selection of action and experiences from which to choose - select carefully and be clear on motives.

There are no human made substitutes for expeditions and adventures in wild Nature. Therefore when possible make them major aims. Do not forget the potential value of being solo.

Think local / Act local

There are infinite possibilities: most of which are easier if shared with others - family, friends. Ideally work towards a local Foundation group that can then plan and arrange events (e.g. conferences, expeditions etc)

The Spirit of Adventure Foundation is a registered charity no. 1138110.