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Wisdom of Pure Adventure

I very much enjoyed Colin's previous book, The Spirit of Adventure, and this one too is a real gem with plenty of the wisdom implied in the title. Whitehead is quoted as saying that 'without adventure civilisation is in full decay', and one can understand what he meant, also with reference to the work of Kurt Hahn. Colin recounts a number of his own adventures, and the lessons learned from them. He has a strong sense of the presence of nature and the real meaning of adventure so that his foundation has as its vision to influence modern societies to become a global civilisation based on love and unity with nature. To that end, he proposes ten pillars of wisdom including awareness, balance and wonder. Behind all this is a keen sense of love arising from experience with his late wife, and he concludes that love is also synonymous with unity, freedom, beauty, wisdom and goodness - an inspiring philosophy. (The Scientific and Medical Network)

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